Sports  and Performance Therapy 

 Deep Tissue Massage

The essence of this deep tissue work is creating a superior blood flow enabling the release of stressed, tense, shortened, adhered muscle fibres allowing greater function of movement in whatever the activity. Everyone would benefit from the initial remedial treatments followed by ‘top-up’ maintenance sessions. Increased effectiveness when done as part of an exercise regime.

Theatre Performers

Fred Johannson (Aladdin)

Josefina Gabrielle (Chicago)
Annette McLaughlin (Cursed child)
Danny Marsden (Wicked)
Rebecca Larsen (Wicked)
Melanie Marshall (Fela)
Paul Robinson (Tap dancer/ choreographer)
Paul Medford (Charlie and the chocolate factory)
Mary Hammond (Internationally renowned teacher)

Pop Singers

Mel C
Louise Marshall (Jools Holland singer)
Hazel Fernandes (Jamiroquai singer)
Alison Jiear (Strictly singer)
Mike Dyer (Grand Slam) 

Opera/Classical Singers

Janice Chapman (World renowned teacher)
International performers
James Platt, Lauren Fagan, David Shipley, Seija Keeble, Amar Mucchala, Daniel Turner, Marc Verter,
Raymond Connell (International teacher)
Sir Mark Elder (World renowned conductor


Zoë Wanamaker
Colin McFarlane
Tanya Winsor

Vocal Anatomy

We have developed specialist techniques to aid the vocal anatomy (especially laryngial and tongue root areas) of all types of singers in conjunction with worldwide recogniser vocal teacher, Janice Chapman OAM.

Sports Injuries 

We have a long working career with athletes from all sporting backgrounds. Injury correction, prevention and maintenance


Matt McKinney

“Having been treated by David several times for running injuries, I can thoroughly recommend him. His knowledge and experience on all things related to sports performance and physio is second to none and he is highly effective in terms of getting athletes, both amateur and serious alike, back on their feet"

Seija Keeble (International opera singer)

“I have been seeing David Brown for regular treatments for the last 13 years. I was recommended to see him on a professional level as an opera singer but the overall general well-being and health benefits I have experienced go far beyond solely the vocal benefit.
I have recommended him to many friends and family members over the years and we all agree he offers the best massage to fix ailments that any of us have ever experienced. Anything else is a let-down.” 

Mike Dyer (Theatre and rock performer)

“I am a massage junkie. However, David is the only massage that really does heal my hurts. He knows his stuff and has found his true gift in his hands and saves me a fortune on psychiatry to.
Two words. The best.”

Karen Kingsbury

“Extremely friendly, professional therapist. I have 'enjoyed' my treatments over the last few years.”

Niki Wakelin

“Intense and very effective! Highly recommended.”

Melanie Marshall (Star of stage and screen)

“David Brown is an exceptional physical therapist . Firm and no-nonsense. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Karen Blakesley

“Worked amazingly well on my son. He had been in a lot of pain and David knew exactly the right amount of treatment to use with pretty much immediate effect.” 5*****

Rebecca Larsen (Flute chair at Wicked the Musical; Freelance Flute/Piccolo player with top London orchestras.)

"David's deep tissue massages have been invaluable to my body's wellbeing as a busy freelance musician for over 10 years now. He goes straight in on problem areas and sorts them out. He is fantastic at his job, a true asset to anyone!"

Ray Gelato (international recording artist, clients include : Sir Paul McCartney , HM The Queen , Robbie Williams , Ronnie Scott’s

“I cannot recommend David Brown’s massage therapy enough and have been a client of David’s for over 15 years.
He is an absolute expert in this field and if I go for a month or so without the massage treatment , I really feel the difference . David helps to keep the body functioning on a high level ‘ His therapy is great for both physical plus also mental well-being.”

Colin McFarlane (star of Batman - The Dark Knight, The Commuter, Outlander)

"No other words than the best there is. Always knows exactly how to get the greatest response. The benefits are huge. He keeps me going!"

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